Completely Original, Full Length, Collaborative, Latin Dance Musical ‘La Vida Loca’

‘La Vida Voca’ tells the story of Isabella who has escaped a life in the favelas of Rio De Janeiro to re-invent herself as a Zumba instructor in Chelmsford where she finds herself teaching a class of Musical Theatre enthusiasts who want to get fit and learn to dance.

One day Jake, a musician, joins Isabella’s class and in an effort to get to know her asks for private lessons. Isabella is not that easily won over and tests his dance ability whilst in retaliation he tests her ability to sing. Isabella explains to Jake what dance means to her and how it kept her going during tough times in the favela. But Isabella has a secret that she cannot tell Jake. They fall in love and (against her better judgment) Jake persuades Isabella to join him as entertainment crew on a cruise liner from Lisbon to the Caribbean and via the Panama canal anti-clockwise around South America and Home. Isabella at first refuses to go until most of her class (in one guise or another) say they’re coming too !

The musical has a lot of themes:-

  • The conquest of South America by the Spanish & Portuguese and how we view that today
  • The origins of the Latin dances and rhythms that resulted
  • The relationship between Music and Dance
  • The relationship between Ballroom and ‘Ballroom’ Latin and other styles of dance like ‘Zumba’ and ‘Musical Theatre’
  • The geography of South America
  • Crime and punishment

It is perhaps more than just a musical because we have a multi-media approach that includes Video, Film, Documentary, as well as Live Performance. It is also a musical that is written, with and for its cast, rather than a musical, that is written, then cast. It therefore reflects our society as it is in 2022.

Writing began 5 years ago and was interrupted by writing ‘Jane Austen’s Sanditon (200 Years Later)’. Current music production is by Rob Jones in Braintree (who found TV fame with his band ‘Missing Andy’ 10 years ago (plus other amazing musicians), Choreography and Staging is by Claire Carr, Latin Dance advisors and choreographers are Kyle Fisher and Chloe Amber Blackshaw of Elite Dance in Great Baddow, Chelmsford.

Original story, Book, Lyrics, Photography is from Chris Brindle
Chris Brindle and Claire Carr are Co-directors and Producers.

To date there is a draft script
22 songs written with Studio produced MP3 Demos.
5 dance routines, set or partly set, with a hugely talented Chelmsford / Witham / Halstead / Maldon dance-trained amateur / semi-professional cast

We are working on a Documentary about how the project came about and how it is being put together, which we will release on YouTube, and we are working on producing Video Workshop Recordings with our talented cast of each of the Song and Dance Routines.

Cast Recordings

No. 1

‘Dancing In The Gym’

No. 22

‘It’s Written On A Star’

No. 7

‘Life On The Waves’

No. 18

‘Happy Anniversary’

No. 20

‘Bossa Nova – A Samba For Our Time’

No. 6

‘Latin Summer (Audition for Cruise Headline Singer)’